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The School Seal and Motto »

The Seal is the official symbol of the college. There are two colors in the seal – White stands for purity that characterizes the spirit of serving in love, and the love that characterizes the spirit of service, and Blue is the symbol of loyalty to the Gospel of Christ.

The Book stands for learning, and the Torch in the foreground of the book represents Christ’s light. The book and the light therefore, indicate the use of Christ’s light in learning and the use of learning in the context of love of neighbor. The Keys stand for “San Pedro” whose name of the college bears. The Lamp symbolizes the nursing profession, which was pioneered by Florence Nightingale, and indicates that SPC was once a hospital school of nursing. It has expanded its programs to include arts and sciences, health related courses, education, business, and information technology courses.

At the base of the central design are Two Leafy Stems that symbolize the laurels of Peace, which is the universal aspiration of all men.

The motto “LOVE SERVES” is derived from the spirituality of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, a Carmelite, whose love for God dominated her every act. The founding of the school was attributed to the intercession of St. Therese, the patroness of the college.

The year 1956 and Davao City represent the founding year and the locale of the college, respectively.