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The San Pedro College Spirituality Center (SpiCe) is the Campus Ministry Office (CMO) of the school. It is a very dynamic ministry as it responds to the needs of the Spirit. Despite this, it cannot be totally of the spiritual sphere but for the wholeness of the human life as well.

Vatican II defines Ministry as authorized service of God in the service of others, according to specific norms of the Church. The rendering of this service is a sharing in Christ’s roles as prophet, priest and king. (cf. Vatican II, PO 1:AA 10; Christi-fideles Laici, 14 et passim.) In general, the programs of the SPC SpiCe are categorized into three divisions or ministries in the light of the ideal of the Dominican Order: i.e. “to contemplate and to give to others the fruits of the contemplated mysteries” and expressed through the threefold ministries which are to praise, to preach, and to bless. The biggest challenge and goal of the SpiCe is to transform academic communities into faith communities.