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Functions »

  1. Exercise discipline and enforce the college disciplinary procedure consistently, implement rules and regulations governing student behavior judiciously.

  2. Provide adequate non-academic support programs and activities contributing to the integral development of students.

  3. Recognize, accredit, supervise, monitor, and evaluate the operation of clubs and organizations seeing to it that their constitutions and by-laws are being observed, that social responsibility is being practiced, and student's socio-political awareness raised.

  4. Create opportunities to develop and enhance talents abilities and values for appreciation, promotion and conservation of Filipino culture and heritage.

  5. Set up and direct a system of evaluation and control to ensure that the student services sector remains responsive to the emerging non-academic needs of the students.

  6. Provide other student services that it deems necessary eg. Classroom reservations, lost and found receipt and retrieval, etc.

  7. Perform other functions as may, from time to time be entrusted by the College President or the Vice President for Administration and Planning.