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Accredited Clubs and Organizations
SY 2015-2016






Name of the Club / Organization

  • Mari, Janice C. (BSBA-MM 4A)

Julienne Misty S. Inguillo, MBA

Association of Marketing Students (AMS)

  • Adaro, Clarisse Jed S. (BSPT-4)

Elaine Joyce G. Lalisan, PTRP

Association of Physical Therapy Students (APTS)

  • Ang, Dana Grace T. (Psych-4A)

Gecelle Grace F. Galenzoga, MSPsych

Association of Psychology Students (AssoPsychS)

  • Gonzales, Jarisha L. (Bio-3A)

Elsa May D. Baron, MSBio

Biology Majors Society (BioMS)

  • Tolentino, Hazel Mae M. (BSN-4A)

Anna Socorro G. Suyko, RN, MN

BSN Fraternity and Sorority

  • Valencia, Ernie Kharl A. (Pharm-4A)

Lourilde A. Agsaulio, RPh

Chi-Pharmakon Circle

  • Tan, Nicole Christine L. (BSIT-4)

Irene P. Jamora, MIT

Community of Information Technology Students (COMMITS)

  • Paredes, Mary Charnes Jam E. (BMLS-4I)

Mr. Harley Ben C. Lo

Cross Aiders of Christ (CAC)

  • Sabellano, Arthur John B. (Psych-4B)

Irene P. Jamora, MIT

Directors' Guild (DG)

  • Grecia, Maria Dayanara D. (Psych-4A)

Fr. Norman Quilaquil, OP

Dominican Network Youth Group (DOMNET)

  • Banlasan, Carmelo Jr. C. (BSED-4PS)


Roberto D. Cagas, MAPM

Guild of Arts and Sciences and Accountancy and

Business Management Students (GUILASS)

  • Ortiz, Orlinys G. (BMLS-3C)

Hazel E. Estrella, BSChem, RChem

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

  • Lopez, Juancho Julius, III M. (BSBA 4C)

Shela Marie Y. Virtudazo, MBA

Junior Finance Executives (JFinEx)

  • Maragañas, Theresa R. (BSBA 4B)

June L. Prieto, MBA

Junior People Management Association of the
Philippines (JPMAP)

  • Camile, Alson B. (BSN-4A)

Nympha D. Fernando, RN, MN

KAALAM Dance Company (KDC)

  • Sugano, Al James C. (BSED-4PS)

Exequiel R. Gono, MAEd

League of Education Students (LES)

  • Cunanan, Jizelle Marie M. (BSRT-2A)

Ms. Lucille T. Omambac

Lectors and Commentators Guild (LCG)

  • Bermudo, Restian Jude A. (BMLS-3M)

Mr. Richard G. Salas

Ministry of the Altar Servers (MAS)

  • Ibrahim, Sittienor S. (Bio-4A)

Atom E. Amigo, MAPM

IMAN - Muslim Students Organization

  • Facelo, Francis Leonard D. (BSRT-3A)

Mr. Rommel T. Faeldog

Peer Facilitators Group

  • Buhat, Yvonne Reeva May S. (BSRT-4A)

Rose Vida B. Robles, RTRP, RN, MAN

Socio-Medical Association of
Respiratory Therapy Students (SMARTS)

  • Palado, Judy Andrea F. (BMLS-3E)

Edilon A. Liwag, MSERM

Society of United Laboratory Scientists (SoULS)

  • Iturralde, Riccardo U. (BMLS-3L)

James Michael F. Remonde, RN

SPC – College Red Cross Youth (CRCY)

  • Dimalaluan, Kristine Faye C. (BMLS-3I)

Rosa Medel A. Libot, MEDLT

SPC Speech Society

  • Barrios, Ralp Shanel P. (BMLS-3E)

Al Francis L. Macarayo, MAGC, RGC

SPC – Student Mentors Group

  • Tolentino, Ian G. (BMLS-2H)

Mr. Emerson M. Calumpang

Saint Cecilia's Ensemble

  • Hiluano, Ma.Janine M. (BSRT-3B)

Mr. Aine A. Laganson

Visual Arts Club (VA)

  • Evangelista, Kea Michelle C. (BSN-4B)

Remark Z. Mortalla, PTRP, MSDA

Volunteer Service Provider (VSP)

  • Carcosia, James Krizler T. (BMLS-3K)

Mr. Rex R. Ventura

Youth for Christ (YFC)

  • Llaneta, Amiel Van E. (BMLS-3E)

Belindo S. Aguilar, MARE


  • Dimalaluan, Kristine Faye C. (BMLS-3I)

Mrs. Rose Marie E. Jose

Leagues of Clubs and Organizations (LCO)

  • Bersabal, Dylan Joseph L. (BMLS-4B)

Mary Ann D. Wisco, MATRE

Student Congress (SC)

  • Pontillo, Maynard E. (BMLS-3G)

Vivien Grace A. Jubahib, PhD

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