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  • The Office of Student Affairs


    The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) anchors its mandate on the mission of San Pedro College “to provide a nurturing environment beneficial in the total formation of persons.”  In respect for the uniqueness of persons, OSA is a learner-centered support service unit aiming to contribute to the future of the graduates imbibing the core values of San Pedro College, serving the Filipinos and other peoples around the world. It collaborates with other departments and service units in enhancing the quality of campus life by fostering an orderly and safe environment, engaging in programs and services that support the developmental growth of students, and providing opportunities to enhance their gifts and potentials. In consultative dialogue, OSA works in partnership with student clubs, organizations, and advisers. It continues to partner with other institutions to strengthen its services towards the enhancement of the academic and social development of the students.


  • Goal

  •    In line with the Vision, Mission and Core Values of San Pedro College, the mandate of the Office of Studant Affairs is to pursue the goal to enhance quality of campus life by fostering an environment that:

    • promotes order, safety and welfare
    • enshrines the core values of SPC
    • provides venues and opportunities for students to develop their gifts and potentials