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SPC Accredited Boarding Houses, Dormitories, and Apartments School Year 2012-2013


    The Office of Student Affairs of San Pedro College commits to contribute to its vision-mission in the development of well-rounded SPCians who are value-oriented, well- informed, responsible and self-disciplined, through the delivery of formative programs and services, and the promotion and maintenance of a safe and secure campus.

   The series of fire incidents of boarding houses that happened in Davao City last year and the problems of students with their boarding houses have triggered the OSA to conduct an inquiry concerning the environmental conditions that SPCians have outside the school campus. Because it believes that the creation and maintenance of such learning environment that nurtures and deepens the formation of students to become effective in their chosen career, it deems it necessary to accredit the students' boarding houses.

   Hence, the office strives to assess the quality of housing facilities of its students while studying in this college. It checks and protects them from all forms of danger inside and outside the school especially their boarding houses making them feel that they are guests whose best form of services is afforded. As Kahlil Gibran said "if it were not for guests all houses would be graves".


   The program aims to:

  1. Ensure safety, comfort, and security of SPC students in their boarding houses while away from their families;
  2. Help solve housing problems that may affect students’ performance in the college; and
  3. Help the landlords or landladies and dorm operators get SPC Seal of Quality by endorsing their boarding houses and dormitories to the parents of students who are enrolled in the college.

   This program is open to all privately owned boarding houses, dormitories, and apartments around the city of Davao.

The SPC Accredited Boarding Houses:

  1. AAA Dormitel
    Suazo St., Davao City Tel. Nos. (082) 304-5357
    Proprietor: Maylou Pinggoy (In-charge)
    Rate: 6,700.00 – 10,000.00

  2. Ang Dormitory
    412 Narra St., Davao City
    Tel. No. (082) 300-1933
    Proprietor: Mrs. Carolina Ang
    Rate: Php 3,600.00 good for 2 persons/room

  3. C5 Dormitel
    Roxas Avenue, Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 228-6186 / 0922-6932033
    Proprietor: Mrs. Cecile A. Calolot – Ungab
    Rate: Php 9,000.00 good for 2 persons/room

  4. Carl's Ladies Dorm
    Rosa Sanz Ext. (Back of SPH)
    Tel. Nos. (082) 295-2937
    Proprietor: Mr. Reynaldo S. Paman
    Rate: Php 1,600.00/person

  5. Clyde Dormitory
    Clyde Dormitory Bldg. Sta. Ana Ave., Cor. Sobrecarey St., Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 224-1384
    Proprietor: Mr. Jimmy C. Yuste
    Rate: Php 1,500.00/person

  6. Divine Savior Dormitory
    102 Juan Luna St., Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 225-1252 / 225-1512
    Proprietor: Mrs. Rosalie Salvame
    Rate: Php 2,250.00/person(room is good for 4 persons)

  7. Gemma's Dormitory
    Eco-Edge Bldg., Jacinto St., Davao City
    Tel. No. (082) 300-2991/0942-7536701
    Proprietor: Mrs. Gemma M. Wong
    Rate: Php 7,000.00/4,000.00/month good for 2 persons

  8. Geomarr Dormitory
    103 De Guzman St., Obrero, Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 227-6798/227-4541/305-5756
    Proprietor: Mr. George L. Bangayan
    Rate: Php 1,400.00 & 1,100.00/person(room is good for 4 persons)

  9. Gilgrand Dormitory
    30 Juan Dela Cruz St., Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 300-2590
    Proprietor: Mrs. Maria Libe F. Pagpaguitan
    Rate: Php 2,500.00/person(room is good for 2 persons)

  10. Kaizen Boarding House
    C. Guzman St., Davao City
    Proprietor: Cotamco Family
    Rate: 2,200.00/person

  11. Homitori
    F. Bangoy St. Cor. Sta. Ana Ave., Davao City Tel. Nos. (082) 295-2969
    Proprietor: Atlantic Export Inc.
    Rate: Php 6,000.00/person (good for 2)

  12. Lee's Apartment
    68-3 D. Ponce St., Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 227-4165
    Proprietor: Mr. George Lee
    Rate: Php 7,500.00(room is good for 4-5 persons)

  13. Mei Lei Dormitory
    No. 73 RS Bldg. 2nd Flr. Metrobank Sta. Ana Suazo, Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 300-5481 / 286-5267
    Proprietor: Mrs. Theresa Tan
    Rate: Php 7,500.00(room is good for 4 persons)

  14. Our Lady of Carmelite Dormitel
    Porras St., Corner Lupo Diaz, Obrero, Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 302-8175
    Proprietor: Mrs. Carmelita D. Ursua
    Rate: Php 3,500.00/person (good for 8 persons)

  15. SPC Ladies Dormitory
    5th Flr. San Pedro College, C. de Guzman St., Davao City
    Dorm Matron: Ms. Nora Tecson
    Tel. Nos. (082) 221-0257 local No.: 59 or 60
    Rate: Php 3,700.00/person per month

  16. Suzara Compound
    417 Narra St., Davao City
    Tel. Nos. (082) 300-3178
    Proprietor: Mr. Rocco Julio R. Suzara