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  A department, inspired by the compassionate love of Jesus, responding to the need of SPC to integrate Computer and Internet Technology into its educational system and its Management Information System.


  The staff of Computer Center believes investments in technology are only worthwhile when they contribute to good teaching, assist student learning, and result to effective and efficient delivery of services. In relation to this principle, we, the staff of SPC Computer Center guided by the compassionate love of Jesus commit ourselves to:

  1. help the faculty, administrators and staff capitalizes on the use of computer technology to enhance the student learning experience and performance of duties and responsibilities;
  2. use the Internet Technology in spreading the compassionate love of Jesus;
  3. make the SPC Computer Center economically viable.


  1. To integrate Computer and Internet technology into the Administrative and Educational System of San Pedro College to enhance learning experience of the students;
  2. To help San Pedro College and its members improve the performance of their duties and responsibilities.