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  1. Orientation Program – Orientation is a guidance service, which aims to assist students to make satisfactory adjustment to their college life and studies.  Orientation is a preventive guidance service because its purposes are to prevent the build up of stress, tension or problem among students and to make them become aware of avenues or activities, which promote growth and development.  Moreover, orientation provides students with information regarding available school resources to facilitate their adjustment to schoolwork.  Every student needs necessary knowledge and information on which to base their choices and decisions.   In addition, orientation is aimed at preventing the occurrences of fear, anxieties, doubts, confusions and conflicts which can be caused by lack of needed information and knowledge to make right choices and decisions.

  2. Routine Interview – Routine interview is a one-on-one interaction of the freshmen and the guidance or peer counselors that aims to provide individual assistance in coping college adjustment difficulties and information of the Guidance Center’s services.

  3. Psychological Testing – Counselors need reliable, valid and comprehensive information provided by standardized psychological tests to effectively assess personal strengths and tendencies and facilitate development.

  4. Counseling – The service is designed to help each learner come to a fuller knowledge and understanding of himself and of the environment in which he lives, to help him become the person he is capable of becoming. Counseling both individually and in small group situations can provide assistance to students to understand themselves, meet their developmental tasks, learn effectively and develop realistic self-concepts.

  5. Consultation and Parent Conference – Consultation is a service given to students who are in need to discuss their choices or decisions they have intended to implement or act concerning their academic, social, and course difficulties.

  1. Parent Conference – Parents are as well accommodated to discuss their and decisions and concerns toward their children whom they perceived to have college adjustment difficulties.    


  1. Training and Group Sessions
      • Peer Facilitators’ Training – This is a training program for student volunteers who desire to assist and reach-out their fellow students who are experiencing academic and social adjustment difficulties.
      • Basic Mentoring - The training program aims to provide high performing students with basic techniques in teaching to help their fellow students who are experiencing academic difficulties and failures.
      • Leadership Training and Teambuilding – This is a short training course for student leaders who intend to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills as well as to clarify their individual values in life for organizational growth.