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  The healing ministry of Jesus experienced by the sick and the well through sustainable development center.


  We, the staff and administrator of San Pedro College Health Center (SPCHC) guided by the compassionate of Jesus for the sick and well, commits to:

  1. assist the clients come to experience God’s healing presence through accessible health services;
  2. uplift quality of life through improved productivity and descent living;
  3. mobilize clients to share the healing experience of God to others through transfer of skills.


  The goal of the San Pedro College Health Center is to promote and maintain the health of the people of Agdao and those who need quality & affordable health care services. With the support of San Pedro College Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students, the SPCHC will be able to respond to the following needs:

  • Healing and Education

    1. Physical, psychological and social healing of clients.
    2. Improve the quality of life through health promotion, education and disease prevention.
    3. Rehabilitation for the sick and disabled.

  • Spiritual Needs

    1. Provide opportunities those in need to know and experience God in their lives.
    2. Design programs for those who have known God to be apostolic in sharing their blessings and experiences to the people of Agdao.