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Administration »
Heads of the Academic Department »

Jeannie H. Bibera, RN, MSN
Dean, Nursing
Dean, Respiratory Therapy

Acting Dean, Arts & Sciences

Ma. Leilani Betonio, RPh, MSPharm
Dean, Pharmacy

Dr. Josephine M. Bandalan
Dean, Medical Laboratory Science

Manolete Renato C. Guerrero, MD
Dean, Physical Therapy

Marleonie M. Bauyot, PhD
Vice President for Administration
Director, Research & Publications

Dr. Rustico V. Bernacer
Dean, Business and Management

Mary G. Lariosa
Director, Library

Leonora C. Gustilo, ChE
Director, Laboratories

Dr. Maria Luisa A. Burlaza
Director, Records/Registrar

Sr. Zoselie T. Escolano, O.P
Principal, Basic Education Department

Rosario M. Oconer, MATC
Senior High School Program Officer


Heads of the Non-Academic Department »

Reynaldo V. Garote
Director, Human Resource & Development

Dr. Orencita V. Lozada
Director, Guidance & Testing Center

Mrs. Leah L. Zamora
Director, Community Extension Service
Alumni Officer

Sr. Prudencia B. Nardo, O.P.

Director, Spirituality Center

Sr. Ma. Dimpna A. Estillore
Director, SPC Health Center

Belindo S. Aguilar
Director, Student Affairs

Dr. Emily Joy M. Delgra
Director, Planning and Quality Assurance

May B. Tajon
Director, Computer Center

Mrs. Mary Ann Rose C. Bartolo
Director, Admissions and Scholarships