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     This office is the social arm of the institution, as it is involved in outreach and community services activities. It plans, implements, monitor and evaluate community extension projects and programs. The human resources for the different activities are the faculty, administrative staff, students and alumni. The students’ involvement is through their related learning experiences, practicum, clubs or personal commitment for service where their skills can be applied. Altogether, the Faculty, students, the alumni, and administrative staff respond to call for compassionate service for community development.


The San Pedro College community responding effectively and efficiently to the call of compassionate service through sustainable community development programs and outreach services.


We, the administrator of C.E.S commit to:
1. Organize institutionalized community extension programs and services
2. Coordinate with the different departments in planning, implementation and evaluation of CES programs


The CES will be able to:

1. Institutionalize sustainable community extension programs that are relevant to the identified needs of partner communities
2. Participate in the development of depressed, underserved communities


"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me"

-Matthew 25:40

Contact Number

(082)2210257 local 55