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The San Pedro College (SPC) Alumni Affairs and External Relations Office was created to forge and reinforce relationships between SPC and the community.

The Office is tasked to provide awareness of and support for the college's numerous achievements in the field of teaching, as evidenced by the outstanding performances in licensure examinations by its graduates, and in its commitment to producing Quality Christian Education that is globally competitive. It also aims to assist in building a support network for the college's commitment to remain responsive not only to its vision and mission, but also to the demands and ever changing needs of the country and the world.

The office also serves as a link between the Alumni and the College . It will also serve as liaison between the different Alumni Associations of different departments. It is tasked to develop and sustain Alumni interest in the Affairs of the College. It aims to realize these goals by involving its Alumni world-wide , its surrounding community, including business corporations, organizations and the government.


The Alumni Affairs and External Relations Office aim to:

•  Link up with and unite the Alumni in support of the College and its mission
•  Encourage alumni participation , involvement and commitment to the college and its objectives
•  Actively communicate a positive image of the College to its graduates
•  Develop programs to encourage Alumni Assistance and contributions , financial or otherwise
•  Foster and facilitate opportunities for professional and social networking
•  Support Alumni Associations of the different departments and classes
•  Maintain an updated Alumni Databank
•  Publish the SPC and Alumni Newsletter