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  1. Objectives
    1. To recruit students who have potentials in providing leadership to the studentry
    2. To encourage those who are intellectually capable to develop their God-given potentials to pursue an academic course at San Pedro College
    3. To enable those who are financially handicapped but intellectually deserving students to pursue college education at San Pedro College

  2. Qualification of Candidates
    1. Must be among the top twenty of a graduating class of at least 50 students of any government-recognized school;
    2. Has a high school GPA of at least 85% and no grade below 80% in any subject; and
    3. In good health, of good moral character and unquestionable integrity.

  3. Requirements
    1. Passed the Entrance Examination of San Pedro College
    2. Application letter addressed to the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee
    3. Photocopy of High School Card
    4. Photocopy of Income Tax Returns of Parents for two successive years
    5. Recommendation letter for Scholarship from High School Principal and Guidance Counselor

    Note: Requirements numbers 2-6 should be submitted in duplicate.

  4. Academic Policies
    1. Academic Load
      1. A grantee is required to carry a full semestral load on a baccalaureate course he is to take as prescribed in the curriculum of San Pedro College.
      2. A grantee is required to finish the course within a prescribed period of four (4) or five (5) years, as the case may be.
      3. Extension may be allowed for meritorious cases (only for one year).
    2. Grade and Subject Load
      1. The Scholarship shall be subject to renewal each succeeding semester if he/she maintains a weighted point average of at least 84%.
      2. The grantee should not have any incomplete grades or failure in any subject.
      3. The grantee shall not drop or change any of the subject required in the course curriculum he/she is enrolled in without informing the Committee Chairman.

  5. Rules and Regulations
    1. The grantee must report for a weekly five to six-hour duty at administrative offices designated by the Chairman of Scholarship Committee, to complete 100 hours of duty every semester. Aside from this, a grantee is required to render 20 hours of service during enrolment periods.
      1. a grantee who incurs an absence will be charged additional hours as penalty. Penalty is as follows:
      2. a grantee must present a medical certificate if he/she is absent from her duty due to illness;
      3. requests for advance duty, permission for absences, transfer of office or change of duty should be put into writing;
      4. At least 60 hrs. of duty should have been rendered by the time of signing of clearance
      5. Duty hours must be completed within the semester
    2. Renewal of Scholarship should be done at least three days before enrolment.
    3. The grantee who wants to shift to another course must secure the approval of the Committee on Scholarship;
    4. Request for shifting of course must be done in writing and not later than the semester of the second year;
    5. The grantee is encouraged to participate in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities of the school;
    6. Must attend all meetings for scholars called by the Scholarship Committee, and
    7. Must undergo interview with the Chair/representative of the Scholarship Program at least once a year or as required by the Committee
    8. Fill up the attached a semestral self-evaluation and progress report regarding his/her academic and co-curricular involvements.
    9. A grantee who fails to complete duty hours must pay in cash the equivalent of the unserved duty hours, on a pro-rated basis, before the final exam

  6. Grounds for Termination of the Grant
    1. Failure to maintain academic rating requirements:
      1. For a full scholarship the grantee has to maintain a grade not lower than 82 for all subjects;
      2. For half scholarship the grantee has to maintain a grade not lower than 80 for every subject.
    2. Two absences (without any valid reason) from duty and from meetings called for by the Scholarship Chairman
    3. Membership in any subversive organization and/or participation in any subversive activity or any inimical to the interest or humiliating to the school or puts the school in disrepute;
    4. Violation of any of the regulations of the College, as duly certified by the Committee on Student Conduct;
    5. Failure to comply with the normal unit load requirements of the school;
    6. Failure to renew scholarship at least three days before enrolment;
    7. Failure to complete duty hours within prescribed period of time;
    8. Undergoing any Psychiatric Care and/or confirmed Psychological impairment;
    9. Other acts of the grantee which may be considered inimical to the interest and objectives of the scholarship program;
    10. Involvement in any activity which manifests disloyalty and lack of commitment to promote the good name of the college.


    Note: Scholarship will be enjoyed by the grantee during summer only if the subjects are regular summer loads (not an advanced subject nor a deficiency or repeated subject).