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  1. Objectives
    1. To give assistance to employees of San Pedro College in providing college education for their children
    2. To encourage SPC employees to provide loyalty and better services to SPC and its clientele

  2. Requirements
    1. Passed Entrance Examination
    2. Application letter noted by Parent working in SPC (In duplicate)

  3. Rules and Regulations
    1. The scholarship is subject to renewal each semester;
    2. The grantee is required not to have incomplete grades or failures in any subject;
      1. Payment for a particular repeated subject will be charged correspondingly to the grantee
    3. The grantee shall not drop or change any of his/her subjects without informing the Scholarship Committee Chairman.
    4. A grantee is required to finished the course within the prescribed period of four years of five years, as the case may be.