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Course Description

   Is a four year Bachelors Degree which provides a broad spectrum of scientific training and can lead to employment in a wider range of scientific fields principally in higher education institutions, community drugstores, hospitals, in government agencies, research establishments, public health and pharmaceutical industry. BS Pharmacy can be a preparatory course leading to the study of Medicines.

Deparment Vision:

   A center for excellence in the formation of pharmacists who are highly competent, compassionate clinician pharmapreneur , advocates for integrity and social responsibility, spreading the love of Jesus, Healer, and Teacher.

Deparment Mission:

   The pharmacy department commits to:

  1. nurture a pharmacy program that will develop, enhance, and implement a dynamic curriculum for pharmacy education and training that will provide up to date course offerings attuned to current global pharmacy practice;
  2. the formation of highly competent, compassionate clinician pharmapreneurs who can deliver the full spectrum of pharmaceutical services and who are leaders imbued with ethical and moral values;
  3. work harmoniously with one another in helping SPC build a Dominican community witnessing to the compassion of Jesus as healer and teacher.