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HCS NC II: Heart of Community School:

   As a response to the countrywide concern of upgrading the quality of life of the Filipino youth, HCS NC II program was conceived by San Pedro College- Community School in 1976 as Health Aide Training Program.

    A training program for high school graduates to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes as non- professional health workers. Training fee is especially kept to the minimum for the program aims to provide education to youth, most especially those who are financially incapacitated but are interested to become health workers.

Objectives of the HCS NCII Program

   The Community School aims to provide skilled workers through offering a Health Care Services NC II Program

    Specific Objectives:

    1. To produce competent and skilled graduates who can deliver health care services in hospitals, clinics, community and at home setting.
    2. To answer to the local, national and even foreign demand for human resources equipped with appropriate skills and training in healthcare;
    3. To fulfill our vision and mission to be an effective instrument in rendering God- centered quality care.
    4. To provide opportunities for individuals who wish to update their skills and knowledge and at the same time broaden their horizon in healthcare.
    5. To be states partner for progress and development.